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About Us

About Us
The moment you walk through the door at Exclusive Day Spa, you will feel the warm and welcoming atmosphere that is uniquely ours. That’s because our priority is to not only provide quality cosmetic and spa services that promote relaxation and renewal, but to build long-lasting client relationships. With this in mind, we are deeply committed to designing a personalized and unforgettable treatment experience just for you – whether your visit lasts an hour or an entire day.

Dream To Reality

Exclusive Day Spa is the realization of a dream for the owner Yelena, a successful business woman and former client of Spa Nordstrom in Paramus, NJ.

When Spa Nordstrom closed, Yelena set out to find
a place that provided the same high quality treatments
and professional service – and she ended up creating
it herself.

The result is a modern, state-of-the-art day spa
that offers exclusive treatments, using the finest products
in world, in a calm, clean and comfortable environment.
Professional spa services team is essential to the
mission of providing the ultimate level of service.

They are highly experienced in working with clients
of all ages, as well as those with physical limitations
or health issues such as Parkinson’s disease and diabetes.
Exclusive Day Spa invites you to come in and discover a different kind of day spa one where personalized attention and
professional service come together to provide the ultimate in
relaxation, rejuvenation and renewal.
Looking forward to meeting you!

Come join us for an unforgettable spa experience!

Our Hours of operations accommodate your busy schedule!





Bridal Spa Services

Host your special day at Ridgewood's favorite upscale boutique Day Spa. Reserve our beautiful 5 room spa for high end facials, massages, body treatments and more.

We will lavish our brides-to-be and your bridal parties from head to toe.


Come to be radiant inside and out
 in our Exclusive Day Spa!


Points and Rewards

To thank our valued clients, Exclusive Day Spa has developed a Rewards Program that provides valuable incentives to all of our clients. Below are more details on the program, but should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at (201) 857-4633.

How to Get Started?  

All Exclusive Day Spa clients will be automatically included in the program starting June 20th, 2019. Our computer will keep track of your accumulated points.

How do I earn Rewards points?  

It’s easy! You can accumulate points through everyday interactions with our spa. Below is a list of ways you can accumulate points and the value of each activity.

Spa Interactions Redeemable for Points  

  • Points for package/series purchase: Same as package total (i.e.: $200 package equals 200 points)   
  • Points for pre-booking next service after first visit: 500 points 
  • Points for pre-booking next service at the time of ring up: 300 points 
  • Points for referring another client: 2000 points 
  • Points for trying a service class for the first time*: $200 pts  
  • Points per dollar amount for any service/retail purchases: 2 pts (per every $1)  
  • Additional points for retail purchases over $200: 100 points 
  • Additional points for service purchases over $200: 100 points. 

*Points will be awarded ONLY if a client is trying a new, specific service class (i.e.: massage, facial, body treatment, and so on). Points will not be awarded if a client has a specific service for the first time, but they have come in for another service part of the same service class in the past. For instance, if a client is trying our I Beauty facial for the first time, but they have come in for facials in the past, the transaction will not be rewarded with points.

How much are my Reward Points worth? What can I purchase with them?  

100 points = $1. Your rewards can be used to pay for any service or retail product purchases.

How will I know how many points I have accumulated? 

Your point balance will show at the bottom of your receipt after a service/retail purchase. Our management and front desk team can assist with any additional questions regarding your point balance. 

How and When can I Redeem Reward Points? 

Reward points can be redeemed at any time and can be used towards the balance of your purchase or in exchange of a facial or massage upgrade.

Are Reward Points redeemable for Cash? 

No. Reward Points are not redeemable for Cash. Not for tips or tax.

Do Reward Points Expire?  

No your reward points

Are There any Restrictions? 

Much like other reward programs, there are a few restrictions:

  1. Clients will not be awarded points for the purchase of any Laser services or Manicure/Pedicure. Clients will not be able to redeem points towards any Laser services or Manicure/Pedicure.
  2. Points will not be awarded for the use of individual sessions in a package/series. Points will only be awarded for the initial purchase of a package/series.  
  3. Points will not be awarded when using Groupon vouchers (available only for clients visiting our spa for the first time), Spafinder gift cards, and other similar third party discounts. 

So… what are you waiting for? Let’s get some points!

Exclusive Day Spa reserves the right to modify, or cancel the Points Rewards Program at any time without notice. 


Restore and Elevate
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Virtual Tour
Please watch our video productions to learn more about the amazing services and products offered here at Exclusive Day Spa. Be sure to turn on your sound and enjoy a visual tour of our offerings and facilities.

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